15/50/110ml Adhesive B7000 Glue B8000 T7000 Glue




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B7000- transparent E8000- transparent T7000- Black T8000- transparent
Number of Pieces
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110ml 15ml 50ml
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  PHONEFIX 15/50/110ml Transparent Adhesive Glue B7000 B8000 T8000 for Phone Screen Frame Bonding T7000 Black Glue DIY Pearl Jewelry Diamond Repairing Liquid Glue

Product Features

  • 15/50/110ml industrial transparent glue B7000 B8000 T8000, T7000 black clear liquid glue, a super glue DIY mobile phone sets.
  • Super multi-function: B7000 is a self-leveling adhesive meets toys, phone crafts pearl, flowers, jewelry diamond, etc.
  • Special design: Alice side with a needle, new one-component adhesive transparent solution, room temperature curing, easy to operate without re-packing, both openings may be used. With high elasticity, soft film, anti-vibration and waterproof.
  • it metal, glass, ceramics, stone, bamboo wood, cloth, leather, PE, PP, PVC, ABS, nylon, sponge, film, textiles, electronic components, plastics, rubber, fiber, paper type,Glass,Rhinestones, and other materials have a very good pasting properties.
  • Multi purpose: Clear super sealant glue for repair phone frame / touch screen / glass adhesive Liquid, fully transparent flexible adhesive semiconducto.


  • Option 1:  B7000 15ml – transparent glue adhesive

  • Option 2:  B7000 50ml

  • Option 3:  B7000 110ml

  • Option 4:  E8000 50ml – transparent glue adhesive

  • Option 5:  E8000 110ml

  • Option 6:  T8000 50ml  – transparent glue adhesive

  • Option 7:  T8000 110ml – transparent glue adhesive

  • Option 8:  T7000 15ml  — black glue adhesive

  • Option 9:  T7000 50ml — black glue adhesive

  • Option 10:  T7000 110ml — black glue adhesive

    Product Specifications

  • Material: Office Adhesive Glue
  • Weight: 0.05kg
  • Color: Black/Transparent
  • Comacity: 15/50/110ml
  • Adhesive Level: Medium Viscosity
  • Type: Liquid Adhesive Glue
  • Model: B7000 / B8000 / T7000 / T8000 
  • Design: Needle Tube
  • Condition: Super Sealant Glue
  • Application: for Phone Frame / Touch Screen / Glass Repairing
  • Function: Phone Screen Bonding
  • Usage: Phone Case Screen DIY
  • Suitable for: DIY Phone Sets Crafts Pearl Jewelry Diamond

What’s in the Package

  • 1* Adhesive Clear Liquid Glue








Additional Information


B7000- transparent, E8000- transparent, T7000- Black, T8000- transparent

Number of Pieces

110ml, 15ml, 50ml


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