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Easy and safe to use. No poison, no chemicals.
Solar powered with rechargeable NiMH battery.
This anti-mole has no effect on animals or pets.
The solar mole repeller is effective in an area of 650 square meters.
Ultrasonic waves irritate them, simulate the danger and push them away from the irradiated area.
Ideal pest control device to keep snakes away from your garden or lawn using both sound and sound wave vibration technology.
Repulsive mole multi-pulse, continues to change the ultrasonic pulse it emits, so that snakes do not get used to it, and do not approach your garden.
Aluminum is a better conductor of repulsive vibrations, which is placed in the ground to transmit warning impulses through the ground.
To optimize the use of the product, we strongly recommend the installation of 2 devices every 30 meters for the terrestrial areas frequented by rodents.

Type: Animal Repeller
Quantity: 2PCS
Material: Plastic
Color: Green
Solar Panel: amorphous silicon 2V 60ma
Battery: 600mah rechargeable battery
Frequency: 400hz-50hz
Effective Working Area: 400-800 square meters
Rated Voltage: 1.2v
Rated Frequency: 400hz-50HZ
Rated Power: 0.1w
Solar Panel Size: 7.0*9.0cm
Size: 15*15*32cm/5.9*5.9*12.6” (L*W*H)
Net Weight: 440.0g/15.5oz

1* Animal Repeller
1* User Manual







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