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Xiaomi TV stereo Main Features


* Many connection methods .SPDIF, Optical.Aux. Line, Bluetooth

* Comes with wall mount .Can be hung on the wall, can be placed on the desktop
* Support Bluetooth wireless transmission
* Fabric material design
* Simple and convenient to use, light and compact

Xiaomi TV stereo
TV companion, enjoy good sound
Suitable for multiple modes
Watch movies, play games, listen to music. The sound is rich and full
8 sounding units
8 sound-generating units to restore true and natural sound, audio frequency response range is 50Hz-25000Hz,
easy to control (high, medium and low)sound
Have multiple device interfaces
Intimately has SPDIF, Optical.Aux, Line multiple access methods, which can be easily connected to TV,
box, computer, iPad, mobile phone and other devices to meet your various needs.
Support Bluetooth wireless transmission
Powerful Bluetooth 4.2 wireless transmission, high-speed stability, strong anti-interference ability,
fast and stable connection. Tookfun
Fabric material design
Strip shape sound design, simple and smooth, cloth material, beautiful like a piece of art. Tookfun
Simple and convenient to use, light and compact
Unlike traditional home theaters, Xiaomi TV audio is simple and convenient to use, light and compact,
and can be flexibly matched with various home environments
Connection steps
1. Connect TV /Use the SPDIF cable to plug into the SPDIF interface on the Xiaomi TV stereo and TV,
2. Connect the power supply /Insert the adapter plug into the DC In interface of the Xiaomi TV Audio,
and then connect the adapter to the power supply.
3. boot /Press the power switch button of the fuselage, the SPDIF signal indicator
on the top of the speaker lights up, and start to use.
Can Support wall mounting and seat mounting
Key Description
1 拷贝112
Parcel list
Xiaomi TV stereo × 1 / Instruction Manual x1 / Adapter x1 / SPDIFx 1 /
Screw × 2 + expansion screw x 2Parcel list



  We will send the correct Plug Adapter that suitable for the country in the shipping address:  


EU Plug Adapter (2 Pin Round Pin)
Most Europe Countries,Most African Countries,Most Middle East Countries,South Korea,Chile,Paraguay,etc.


US Plug Adapter (2 Pin Flat Pin)
United States,Canada,Most North and South American Countries,Japan,Philippines,Thailand,etc.


Australia/New Zealand (2 Pin Plug Adapter)
Australia,New Zealand,Argentina


UK Plug Adapter (3 Pin Flat Pin)

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Black, White

Woofer Size/Full-Range Size

AU Adapter, EU Adapter, UK Adapter, US Adapter


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