Automatic drip irrigation system DIY Automatic Plant Waterers taper watering water Flowerpot plant watering 1pcs




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Automatic drip irrigation system DIY
Packing: 1set
The B model is recommended with a hose system for precise irrigation.
Suitable for use, Coke bottles, Sprite bottles and larger calibers. 18-26mm
100% new high quality.
Drip irrigation system with adjustable flow valve,
The use of simple and convenient operation will not cause waste of water resources, nor will it affect plant growth due to excessive or too little water!
1, you go out, there is no time to water the flowers every day, only the bottle is filled with water, it can automatically water your plants (if you want to travel long distance, you do not know how much water you need to invest for 3 days, you can test how much water, so You can calculate how much water you need. You can calculate the total water demand per day for X days.
You can also add water-soluble fertilizers to the water storage container in proportion to water, while reducing the hassle of fertilizer.

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