Best Sale 12V 24V 600L/H high pressure Dc Submersible water Pump




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12V 12V 2A 24W Adapter 12V White 12V White EU 12V 2A 24V 24V White EU 12V 2A Adapter EU 24V 2A Adapter US 12V 2A Adapter
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Best Sale 12V 24V 600L/H high pressure Dc Submersible water Pump Three-wire Micro Motor Water Pump with adapter
1.Brand New and High Quality
3.Water Outlet Outer Diameter:12mm
4.Water Outlet Inner Diameter:9.7mm
5.Rated Voltage: 12V
6.Working Voltage: 6-12V (Maximum 15V)
7.Rated Current: 1.2A
8.Maximum Lift: 5M
9.Notice: it means height the water can arrive if the u connect a plastic pipe with the pump 
10.Maximum Flow Rate: 60 0L/Hour
11.Cable: three core
12.Cable Length: 1.5m
13.Cable Diameter: 5.7m
​24V version: working voltage: 12~24V
1.The temperature of the water cannot be over 40  degree
2.the Brown cable connects the Positive Pole “+”
3.the Blue cable connects Negative Pole “-“
4.the Yellow cable is GND, don’t need to connect.
5.  This water pump is the brush pump, so it cannot be used continoutsly, or the lifespan of the pump will be short. suggest to relax 1 hour after using 2 hours to extend the lifespan of the pump. We have many other brushless pump that can be used continously, welcome to consult!!
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For customers’ convenient, you can buy AC-DC adapter directly with pump.
Best-Sale-12V-24V-600L-H-high-pressure-Dc-Submersible-water-Pump-Three-phase-Micro-Motor.jpg_640x640 (1)Best-Sale-12V-24V-600L-H-high-pressure-Dc-Submersible-water-Pump-Three-phase-Micro-Motor.jpg_640x640 (2)Best-Sale-12V-24V-600L-H-high-pressure-Dc-Submersible-water-Pump-Three-phase-Micro-Motor.jpg_640x640

New type of 12V 2A Adapter and 12V 2A 24W Adapter, the old type and the new type send randomly

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12V, 12V 2A 24W Adapter, 12V White, 12V White EU 12V 2A, 24V, 24V White, EU 12V 2A Adapter, EU 24V 2A Adapter, US 12V 2A Adapter


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