Punch Down Tool Kit Ethernet LAN Network

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Punch Down Tool Kit Ethernet LAN Network Cat5 RJ45 Telecom Phone Wire RJ11 Cable utp Networking crimping Tool track



Product Introduction:

· Information outlets and modules are nested together

· Buried in the wall of the cable is connected by means of information modules and external network cable to connect the wall inside the network cable and information modules through the network cable 8 cores according to the provisionsSnap Information corresponding to the trough module.

· Cable card into the card line required a special tool called wire tools

· Also known as the “fight pliers” and more sparring line tool usually used to install patch panel cable core wire.


Product Features:

· Suitable for cable, module, wiring and other connections type jobs

· Tool head with special materials, more durable use

· Lightweight body, and additional screwdriver and pull functions, pressure line trimming is completed at the same time


Package List:

1 x Punch Down Tool 

(With Retail Package)
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