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DN15/DN20/DN25 Electric Motorized Brass Ball Valve DN20 AC 220V 2 Way 3-Wire with Actuator


This electric ball valve is made of high quality brass, durable for use. This 2 way 3-wire ball valve can be rotated 90 degrees. DN15 and DN25 two model for you to choose.


  • Made of high quality brass with durable performance.
  • Highly energy saving, long life design.
  • Suitable for medium of water, gas, oil.
  • This 2 way 3-wire ball valve can rotate 90 degrees.
  • DN15 and DN25 DN20 three models for you to choos



Valve material: brass

Operation temperature: normal
Rotation: 90 degree
Medium: water, gas, oil
Operation pressure: 1.6mpa
Connection: thread
Power Supply: AC 220V
Control method: 2 Way 3-Wire
Model(Optional): DN15, DN25
Weight: 447g(DN15), 608g(DN25)
Size: 12*7*6cm / 4.7*2.8*2.4inch, 13*7*6.3cm / 5.1*2.8*2.5inch
Quantity: 1pc

Material: Brass(valve), 304 stainless steel(stem), special rubber(sealing), aluminum alloy (driver base), ABS engineering plastic(driver cover)

Type: 2-Way 3-Wire 2-Point Control

Driver Motor: Hysteresis synchronous motor
Driver Working Voltage: AC220V
Power Consumption: ≤7.5VA
Valve Pressure: 1.6MPa
Allowable Pressure Difference: ≤0.13MPa
Suitable Fluid: Cold water, hot water
Suitable Fluid Temperature: 2℃-95℃
Ambient Temperature: 0℃-60℃
Open Time: About 10s
Close Time: About 5s
Valve Connection: G3/4 (DN20)

Weight: 666g / 23.5oz(approx.)

Wiring Method:

SR(Dual-color): COM
BR(Brown): Valve Close
BL(Blue): Valve Open

DN20 Installation:

1, Cut off the power supply before installation and it must be installed by professionals.
2, The direction of flow must be the same as the direction arrow on the valve body.
3, The valve should be located above the fan water tray, to ensure that drops of water fall into the water tray.
4, The valve and the driver must be installed within ±60° in vertical direction, and there should be at least 30mm space above for dismantling.
5, The should be enough space from surrounding pipes, devices and building for  maintenance operation, and making sure the place is reachable by maintenance personnel through manhole.
6, Two or more valves cannot be connected in parallel. If parallel connection is really necessary, use relay for isolation.
7, Installed valve first and test pressure with pipeline, then install driver.
8, If the driver is already installed on the valve, do not  apply force on driver during installation and debugging work, otherwise the driver will be damaged.
9, The drive cannot be wrapped with thermal insulation material, otherwise it will affect its heat dissipation.
10, The driver must be grounded reliably with wires not less than 1.5mm⊃2;,  other wires should be in conformity with the relevant standards of electrician.
11, After installation and making sure everything is correct, power on and debug without water. Observe three complete operation of the drive at least, till all parts are normal and correct.
12, After adjustment without water, then debug with water.The fluctuation pressure difference of water in system must be strictly controlled within 0.13MPa, to ensure the effectiveness of the valve to water flow switch.

Package Included:
1 x Ball Valve




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DN15, DN20, DN25


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