EDUP USB C HUB 1000Mbps 3 Ports USB 3.0




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China Russian Federation
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T Without 3 USB3.0 TYPE C Adapter U Without 3 USB3.0 USB3.0 Adapter
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Note that this chip is RTL8153. Suitable for most devices. If it cannot be used normally, please check whether the driver is installed correctly. Or no driver.NOTE:

The connected computer is unresponsive or easily disconnected.
Please download the driver.
USB interface (EP-9606):
Type C interface (EP-9801):

Box packaging and plastic packaging are sent randomly.

Please note when buying:

It may not work properly on your device.
This is not a product problem.
1. This is because the USB interface is not connected properly. The USB interface on many computers is 2.0, which causes the speed to be unreachable or cannot be recognized normally.
2. There are some USB ports that can only supply power and cannot transmit data. As a result, connecting other devices cannot work. 
3. When connecting a wireless keyboard or mouse, please reinstall the driver. (Bluetooth connection needs to debug Bluetooth first)
4. When using, please check carefully whether the USB interface of the computer is USB3.0. And it can transmit data and supply power.
5.XIAO Mi devices may have compatibility issues.


Compact Design it and an ideal on the go
Plug the play,enjoy the most stable and rapid internet enables a fast and stable data connection to Ethernet network
Support Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10,Mac OS 10.6-10.10  
1.USB3.0 Adapter: 3xUSB3.0 1xRJ45
2.USB3.0 Adapter(without USB3.0): 1xRJ45
3.Type C Adapter: 3xUSB3.0 1xRJ45
4.Type C Adapter(without USB3.0): 1xRJ45

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China, Russian Federation


T Without 3 USB3.0, TYPE C Adapter, U Without 3 USB3.0, USB3.0 Adapter


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