Huion GIANO WH1409 14-inch 8192 Levels Wireless Digital Tablet

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£111.13 £168.72

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1. 12 Customizable Shortcut Keys:
It has the most customizable shortcut keys than other graphic tablets of Huion ever do, helping to improve your work efficiency highly and effectively.
2. New Pen & Pen Holder:
New-designed PE150 and pen holder PH03 are both aesthetic and practical. Also, we have attached 8 more extra wear-resistant pen nibs that can support high workload.
3. 8192 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity:
Upgraded to 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity, which is 4 times higher than WH1409. The new model has better performance and practicability of pressure sensitivity.
4. Two Connecting Modes:
Both wired connecion and wireless connection are available, which can help to leaving more room of your working area and fullfill all your requirements when working in different places.
5. Slim Design and Wide Efficient Working Area:
It has 13.8×8.6 inches of efficient working area when it’s only 456x266x16mm in shape.




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Australia, Brazil, China, France, GERMANY, Russian Federation, Spain, United States


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