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This doorbell has a novel design, ringing bell, up to 57 music tracks to choose from, adjustable volume level 4, the host has memory function, each time the doorbell prompt tone is set for the last shutdown, the host can set the doorbell button to play the fixed door ring tone.

The doorbell host and the doorbell button can be coded wirelessly. Suitable for villas, clubs, leisure centers, hotels, guesthouses, families, office buildings, conference rooms and other occasions

2.Multiple collocation:

The distance of 80 meters is enough to cover all the doors and windows of your house. Each wireless doorbell receiver can be paired with up to 20 magnetic door alarm sensors, and each sensor can add an unlimited number of receivers.Not only the doorbell, but also can be used as a greeter alarm.Click on the picture to buy other packages.

Note: Due to aviation restrictions, buttons, door and window sensors and motion detectors do not include batteries.

3.Wide Range and Long Distance

1.Stable quality is ideal for villas, hotels, schools and other areas.

2.The wireless signal will be affected by obstacles. The more obstacles, the more serious the signal loss.

3. Warm tip:The button cannot be placed on an iron door because it will interfere with the signal.

4.Strong penetrating power

High-frequency transmission technology, partition wall can also transmit signals to meet household needs without worrying about not ringing the doorbell.up to 80m distance transmission,No longer afraid of not hearing the doorbell

5.57 Ringtones Available:

Different places use different ringtones, or different times use different ringtones, and have good mood every day.

6. Loud, four-level volume adjustable

The range of 150 square meters can be heard, not because the sound is too loud and noisy, nor because the sound is too small and cannot be heard. 57 pieces of music such as ding dong ding dong can be selected.

7.Different Song Use for Different Mode

You can set different music for different environments at the same time.

57 Music Songs optional.a variety of combinations each button can set different ringtones

8.Multiple collocation

You can choose different packages according to your family type.

9.Remote wireless doorbell

Don’t you want to say goodbye to the days when there was no doorbell? Do guests at home still let them shout or even kick at the door?This doorbell makes it easy for you to solve this problem.

10.Two-step installation

Step 1: Remove the double-sided adhesive tape and stick it on the back of the button, then stick the button on the wall.

Step 2: Plug the doorbell host into the socket

11.Product Detail

Remote wireless doorbell,Simple appearance, durable


13.Package Content:

Kit1Doorbell Kits :1 * Ring Doorbell + 1 * Doorbell Button (no battery);

Kit2 Doorbell Kits  : 1 * Ring Doorbell + 2 * Doorbell Buttons (no battery);

Kit3 Doorbell Kits  : 2 * Ring Doorbells + 1 * Doorbell Button(no battery) ;

Kit4 Doorbell Kits : 2 * Ring Doorbells + 2 * Doorbell Buttons(no battery) ;

Kit5 Doorbell Kits : 2 * Ring Doorbells + 3 * Doorbell Buttons(no battery) ;

(Shipment from Russian warehouse includes batteries)

f51 Button battery is 23A 12V (1 piece)or CR2030  Button Battery(1 piece)
There are two versions of f51 button, please select the battery according to the actual situation.


Operating voltage: 100 ~ 240 V, 50 ~ 60 Hz AC

 Operating power: 0.5W

Receiving frequency: 433MHz

The doorbell host can be equipped with up to 20 accessories, including door magnet, infrared and button.

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Kit1 Doorbell Kits, Kit2 Doorbell Kits, Kit3 Doorbell Kits, Kit4 Doorbell Kits, Kit5 Doorbell Kits

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EU Plug, UK Plug, US Plug


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