LONGYUN 16.8V Lithium Battery Electric Screwdriver precision Charging electric Drill bit Cordless drill Torque drill Power Tools


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Brazil China Poland Russian Federation Spain Ukraine
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16.8V 1 battery 16.8V 1 battery bit 16.8V 1 battery box 16.8V 2 battery 16.8V 2 battery bit 16.8V 2 battery box
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150(Appearance Upgrade, New And Old Packaging Shipped Randomly.)

1 screwdriver drill16.8V X416.8V X116.8V X53.1 screwdriver drill_副本316 16 5168 2113 screwdriver drill1112222


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Brazil, China, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, Ukraine


16.8V 1 battery, 16.8V 1 battery bit, 16.8V 1 battery box, 16.8V 2 battery, 16.8V 2 battery bit, 16.8V 2 battery box


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