NatureHike Inflatable Sleeping Pad Portable Camping Mat

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Product Features

1. Diamond design, comfortable and soft, better support, air easier to circulate;

2. Outer layer made of nylon TPU fabric, inner layer TPU sealing coating, double-layer composite pressing process, wear-resistant and waterproof;

3. Double-layer air valve, the first layer is a one-way inflation valve, containing air leakage prevention, and the second layer can be quickly deflated when opened;

4. Small size, light weight, only 530g, easy to store, more convenient to carry;

5. The inflatable bag can be used as a waterproof bag, a bag of multipurpose.

Tips: This product is sold separately from the air bag and inflatable mattress. (You can buy them together for convenient use.)

Rhombus Air Tube Design

Air circulation is better.

Suitable for many environment.

Additional Information


1 Blue Bag, 1 Man Pillow Blue, 1 Man Pillow Orange, 1 Orange Bag, 1 Person Blue, 1 Person Orange, 1 Pillow Bag Blue, 1 Pillow Bag Orange, 2 Men Blue Bag, 2 Men Orange Bag, 2 Men Pillow Blue, 2 Men Pillow Orange, Air Bag Blue, Air Bag Orange, Widen 1Person Blue, Widen 1Person Orange

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