Allen Key Set Hex Wrench Screwdriver Set




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High quality L-key group, with color coding, convenient plastic sleeve. This ensures that the tool is a fast hand and that ergonomics and comfortable handling are easy hands, even at low temperatures. The wear-resistant clamp material ensures the safe storage and simple disassembly of L-type keys. The hexagonal normal section provides a larger contact surface at the head of the screw. Therefore, the cutting effect is minimized and the screw head damage is more or less eliminated. The ballpoint pen on the long arm can work reliably even when it is difficult to install. Black laser surface treatment provides excellent surface protection, even anti-corrosion, long service life. Laser engraving, so wear-resistant dimension markers on the L-key fast access

Usually used in factories, automobile maintenance, home decoration, etc., convenient for the tightening of hexagonal screw.

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Long Ball End, Long Hex End, Portable 9PCS, Short Ball End, Short Hex End


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