Swivel Kitchen Sink Faucet Aerator Solid Copper

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Product description

[STRONG PERFORMANCE] Full copper sprayer head with the 3-water flow. Make the faucet water aerator firmer than others and no water leakage. A superior swivel kitchen sink faucet aerator can be rolled over by a car.
[MATERIAL] Full copper nozzle head + stainless steel outlet panel. Sprayer head has thickened to improve the performance in oxidation and corrosion resistance. It allows you to use longer.
[INCREASE PRESSURE AND CONVENIENT] Kitchen sink aerator prevents water flowed. The water feels soft, enhanced water momentum. Let you washing dishes faster and more conveniently. You can directly install without tools and done in seconds.
[360° MOTION SINK SPRAYER] Kitchen faucet swivel head makes your kitchen sink clean without dead ends
[SAVE ENERGY] Fits 99% standard round taps with M22(0.86in) external thread and M24(0.94in) internal thread. Water-saving 70% (compared with standard bubbler).
Product information
Our full copper sprayer head has good corrosion resistance, health environmental protection, and lead-free. Superior performance than galvanized brass and plastic tubes. It can cover the below features:
1.By rotating the spray head to switch powerful jet、gentle aerator spray and both all.
2.Increasing water pressure. It can prevent water overflowed and the mixture ratio of the water with air is appropriate, which enhances water wallop, water becomes smooth and no splashing, cleaning more convenient. Easy to install and operate.
3.360-degree rotatable design to the easy cover whole kitchen sink that brings your much convenience.
4. Compared with a common bubbler, ours can save 70% water.
5. Water bubbler contains a filter and can removable, which healthy for you to use the water. You also can clean it by simply remove the strainer and rinse it off under the water.
Assembly Method and Use Key Steps
1. Please take down the faucet aerator.
2. The 360 ° flexible faucet sprayer screw rotates into the faucet thread.
3. The faucet aerator features female thread fit for the male threaded faucet, so if faucet thread is female, you could choose the adapter to match with it, we provide the female to male adapter for you included in the package.
4. if the thread size of the tap does not conform, please use the universal connector.
5. If the connection is leaking, please use the seal tape to be more than 5 circles, and other leaky spots can be used with the sealing tape properly.


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