TOPK Power Bank 20000mAh Portable Charger




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Please Note :

1.The Power bank The labeled core capacity is 20000mah/3.7V , the rated capacity is13000mah/5V.
2.The Power bank The labeled core capacity is 10000mah/3.7V , the rated capacity is 6500mah/5V.

3.We offer two kind programs for you, you can choose according to your needs.
①:PD power bank【Fast Charging QC3.0】 (Orange)
②:Power bank【Ordinary Charging 5V/2.1A(Green)


Q: Power bank has two regular standard of capacity , one is the battery capacity, one is the rated capacity. The 20000mah power bank, being labeled 20000mah/3.7v core capacity be converted to rated capacity 13000mah/5v.
Why exist this happening?

A:The most important reason is the conversion rate. Because most of power bank’s battery voltage is 3.7V, and power bank needs to increase the voltage to 5V when charging the mobile phone, which making the power bank’s conversion efficiency only 3.75/5=74%, Also include generated heat when battery voltage boosting, and various of wire consumption, Electricity and self-consumption. these points add up to account for 30%-40% of the power of the mobile power source.So the 20,000mAh power bank can really be used by us only about 13000mAh.

PD3.0 / QC3.0 Charge 3 Devices at the same time

20000mAh Capacity Travel Power Bank. Your Mobile Backup Power.

PD3.0/Qc3.0 Output
Output Power Up to 18W

20000mAh Capacity Charge One Time,Use One Week

3-Port OutputCharge 3 Devices At The Same Time

Compliance With Aviation Management Standards,Can be safelv taken on plane portable charging during travel.


18W Type-C Fast Input
Full Charge In About 6-7 Hours

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China, France, Poland, Russian Federation, Spain, United States


10000mah Black QC PD, 10000mah Red QC PD, 20000mah Black 2.1A, 20000mah Black QC PD, 20000mah Red 2.1A, 20000mah Red QC PD


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