X-shape Foldable Dirty Laundry Basket Organizer




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1.X-shaped frame design, foldable when not in use, easy to store

2.Multi-compartment designs, classifying and placing dirty laundry, to prevent cross-infection

3.Clear print, even line, tight and durable, clear print

4. Laundry Basket,Laundry Hamper,Collapsible Laundry Basket,Laundr Basket,Laundry Basket Large,Foldable Laundry Basket,Laundry Basket for clothes


Item:Lundry Basket/Clothing Storage

Material:Oxford Cloth


1. Insert the plastic elbow into the aluminum tube

2. Install the corresponding aluminum tube on both ends of the plastic elbow until it is firm

3. The entire X aluminum frame is spliced

4. Put the Oxford cloth cover into the X aluminum frame, fix it with Velcro, and installed.

X-shape-Foldable-Dirty-Laundry-Basket-Organizer-Printed-Collapsible-Three-Grid-Home-Laundry-Hamper-Sorter-LaundryX-shape-Foldable-Dirty-Laundry-Basket-Organizer-Printed-Collapsible-Three-Grid-Home-Laundry-Hamper-Sorter-Laundry (1)sizeQQ截图20190823170100Hd7043fd75370475babf6291025052dd6LHTB1vWahaBiE3KVjSZFMq6zQhVXaXHTB18pCgavWG3KVjSZFgq6zTspXaDQQ截图2019082316502311207473159_880613310319707338_880613311174715575_8806133

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2 Grid B, 2 Grid W, 2 layer, 3 Grid, alphabet


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