XIAOMI MIJIA ZJ Water Saver Automatic Sense

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  ZJ Induction Water Saver  Main Features


● Upgrade double sensor for the faucet, two sensing areas, two water outlet modes, quick sensing in 0.25 seconds.
● Drains water inductively by IR, reducing touch pollution.
● The bottom sensor meets short-term water needs,The side sensor meets the needs of water storage.
● First-class water efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
● Simple design style, adapt to various home styles.
● 6 sets of adapters, meet your different needs.
● Charging time 3-4 hours, use time 6 months.


ZJ Induction Water Saver
Infrared sensing outflow water, 
Saving water and energy, 
Convenient disassembly, 
Long standby time, 
Anti-overflow protection
Faucet upgraded to dual sensing function
Upgrade the common faucet to an induction faucet with simple installation.
Two sensing areas, two water outlet modes, quick sensing in 0.25 seconds,
smart, convenient and easy to use.
Infrared sensing outflow water, reducing touch pollution
Water can be produced by reaching out the hands,
no need to repeat the tedious manual switching of the faucet,
do not transfer the stains to the faucet, avoid cross-contamination,
and feel clean and comfortable.
Instant mode
Bottom sensor for short-term water needs
When the sensing object enters the bottom sensing area (within a limited distance of 10cm),
water starts to flow out. When the sensor leaves, the water stops flowing.Tookfun.
If the sensing object stays in the bottom sensing area,
the water will stop automatically after the water is out for
more than 20 seconds to meet the daily cleaning needs.
Water storage mode
Side sensor to meet water storage needs
When the sensing object enters the side sensing area (within a limited distance of 5cm),
water starts to flow out. Tookfun.
The water output time lasts 3 minutes, and the water is kept even if the sensor is left.
If the sensing object enters the side sensing area again during the water discharge process,
the water can be stopped at any time, which is a good choice for water storage.
Innovative technology, technology makes your life more comfortable
Innovative technology design,
using MCU algorithm and pulse interval sampling to optimize infrared sensing,
reduce product energy consumption and ensure product consistency
and stability in complex environments.
The air injection technology makes the water outflow softer and more water-saving.
First-class water efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection.
The air injection technology is used to increase the air proportion in the water outlet process,
making the water soft and delicate, and more powerful.Tookfun.
At the same time, the water outlet time that is not effectively used is reduced,
so that the water flow of the water nozzle reaches 0.07L / s,
which reaches the first-class water efficiency level.
Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it also reduces monthly water bills.
Easy disassembly, anyone can easily complete
Keep the original faucet and use the tools to complete the installation process easily.
6 sets of conversion heads, suitable for common mainstream faucets on the market.
M20 female thread adapter
M22 female thread adapter
G1 / 2 female thread adapter
M20 male thread adapter
M22 male thread adapter
M24 male thread adapter
Long standby time
With USB charging method, the standby time is about 3 hours,
which can provide up to 6 months of standby time.
When the battery is low, there will be a light reminder function.
Multiple water-stop function to prevent water overflow.
Built-in storage capacitor, even if the equipment is powered off,
the valve can be closed in time to prevent continuous water out. 
Small body, big wisdom
Small size, simple design, many innovations
It is half the size of a mobile phone and does not take up extra space.
Simple design style, suitable for various home improvement styles

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