Bathroom Temperature Control 3 Color Water Power Shower


1.This product has mini built-in generating electricity devices, no need of batteries, as long as the water flow it will give out light,
turn off the water, the light goes out immediately. The color changes according to the water temperature

2.When the water temperature is below 32 degrees, the light color is blue. When the water temperature is between 33 to 41 degrees, the
right shows green. When the water temperature is between 42 to 45 degrees, it will display the red. When the water temperature is high
than 46 degrees, the light flashing red

3.The product has excellent water conservation function, and connected at the top with the water-saving filter

4.The product is externally threaded connector with internally threaded adapter. Adapter can make the product suitable for a variety of
faucet interface

5.LED emitting color: Green, Red & Blue .Internal diameter: 0.6 inch. External thread diameter: 0.86 inch. Item size: 1.4*0.95*0.95 inch

Product Specifications:
Case material: ABS
LED emitting color: see your choice
Connection: M24 fits for internal and external Faucet
Internal thread diameter: 0.92 inch (23.5mm)
External thread diameter: 0.95 inch (24mm)
Item size: 1.4 * 0.95 * 0.95 inch

Package included:
1 x LED light faucet
1 x Adapter(for external fauct thread)

Trouble shooting steps: If The water pressure is too low Clean or replace the aerator If Water is leaking from the faucet under the sink

Check the water supply connections to the faucet.If LED does not illuminate check the plug connection.





Additional Information


Blue, Green, Multi color, Red, Temperature control


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